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Mobile Phones.. Which one to buy! It is one of the most difficult question these days as we have many brands with so many models available in market for range as low as Rs. 3000 ( a decent, low specification android phone)  to anything you can afford for.

Today i am covering best phone available worth buying under Rs. 10,000.

Best Deal for Mobile's under 10,000 - First Timers Guide

By Ashish Yadav → Thursday, October 23, 2014
Looking to buy Portable Harddisk? If yes then read on!

First thing decide which HDD you wish to buy and the storage?

Frankly speaking if i have to buy a HDD i'll always go for Segate, but apart from Segate you can also go for Western Digital. Both are market leaders in Storage devices all over the world.

Best deal to buy Portable Hard Disk Drive - First Timers Guide

By Ashish Yadav → Wednesday, October 22, 2014
Splunk a known name in Big Data Industry specially for machine data. Splunk  is the industry-leading platform for operational intelligence.  It  basically collects and indexes any machine data from virtually any source in real time.

Search, monitor, analyze and visualize your data to gain new insights and intelligence. Index everything for deep visibility, forensics and troubleshooting. Splunk also provides features to create ad hoc reports to identify trends or prove compliance controls.
Create interactive dashboards to monitor for security incidents, service levels and other key performance metrics. Analyze user transactions, customer behavior, machine behavior, security threats and fraudulent activity, all in real time.

What is Splunk? | First Timers Guide on Splunk - A Big Data Platform for Machine Data

By Ashish Yadav → Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Are you a python developer? If Yes then are you comfortable with the present IDE which you are using to code and debug python? Are you easily able to debug your python applications?

If you are looking best options for python IDE, then you should read below how you can use Visual Studio to Code, Build, Debug any python application, Basically how you can use Visual Studio as an IDE for Python.

Best IDE for Python - Visual Studio

By Ashish Yadav → Saturday, May 10, 2014
In this Corporate world Mobility & Security is very important aspect and there comes to picture Authentication Systems, Logon's, Firewalls, etc.. So as to make centralized Authentication we have many solutions available in market, One of the most famous authentication system is Microsoft's Active Directory-LDAP

Mostly all the organizations use Firewall/Proxy and even to use internet User Authentication is required. This can be a very difficult problem when you are a developer and you need to use Internet which is behind some firewall/proxy and on top of it required authentication as well.

How to Configure Automatic Network Domain Authentication & Proxy in C#

By Ashish Yadav →
Travelling to different places for either attending some occasions, business trips, meeting family or whatever it may be. Usually there are only two option Train & Air-Plane.

As you people know that train tickets are booked through IRCTC, one of the most problematic issues is that ticket has to be booked in 2 months in advance. For me at least booking tickets via IRCTC is like appraisals, you only get either when you are too lucky :P

Complete Guide to Buy Cheapest Air Tickets

By Ashish Yadav → Friday, April 4, 2014
Credit Card also known as Plastic money has its own advantages and disadvantages. It's advantages and disadvantages, Features, Processing fees may differ from Bank to Bank & Card to Card.

Below are the few ground rules you should take care of if you are applying for credit card and do not want it to get REJECTED & also few precautions which you should take if you already have credit card and wish to apply for other credit cards as well!

If you are applying for First Time

First Timers Guide on Applying for Credit Card

By Ashish Yadav → Wednesday, April 2, 2014