Complete Guide to Buy Cheapest Air Tickets

By Ashish Yadav → Friday, April 4, 2014
Travelling to different places for either attending some occasions, business trips, meeting family or whatever it may be. Usually there are only two option Train & Air-Plane.

As you people know that train tickets are booked through IRCTC, one of the most problematic issues is that ticket has to be booked in 2 months in advance. For me at least booking tickets via IRCTC is like appraisals, you only get either when you are too lucky :P

Coming to the topic, now since as we are devoid of options and some for comfort & luxury generally prefer Air travelling. 
If you follow the below mentioned steps you can save some bugs and can help you with buying cheapest Air-Tickets which you would have ended up for purchasing for more!

What do you need?

Generally banks tie-up with airlines to offer discounts to their Account/Credit card holders. So it would be a good if you have many different bank accounts & Credit cards. Also it is not practical that you have all the banks account & credit card, but you can use yours or your family members in case you are getting a discount and then later settle the bill.

 Patience & some R&D, Yes If you want to save money you will have to have some time, patience & that rest I will guide you that how do you save your hard earned money.

Research & Analysis
1.    There are many service providers through which you can book your tickets and from time to time these service providers also offer discounts to lure their customers.

2.    Most Important thing, if you are planning in advance & your dates are flexible then visit this link , which is Fare Calendar.  This will give you overview of fares from specific location and dates you mention and depending upon your requirement you can choose the cheapest ticket which suits you.

3.    Once date, Time is finalized the next step is to visit these links :-

b.    YATRA
c.    VIA

4.    After you have done analysis & review of above website, I think it is not required but still you can check the Air-Lines respective websites also. Many times there are deals which are specific to Airline, Like recently “SpiceJet was selling their tickets for just Rs. 1/-”. So you can airlines official website and check if you can get & redeem some offers.

NOTE: - Many times when special offers are run by airlines, like the one of “SpiceJet” mentioned above it is on first come first serve basis so when you search on the above website you may or may not find the low cost website listed in the search. So try with different website or preferably in that case visit official airline’s website to book your tickets.

5.    There are even more websites, you can just Google them and check for the offers page. I have listed the popular ones also there are different deals for Domestic & International travels. Also once you can register on the above website which will keep on emailing you whenever there are offers running on their website.

6.    Still Out of luck and you are not able / not eligible for any offers, Then search for Coupons code / Discount codes available at CoupounDunia and see if any discount code can get discount on your deals. 

7.    Once you have checked all the above links you can make out which website’s which offer is helping you to save more money. If you are eligible for any offers running on the website go for it and book you tickets which is cheapest of all.

Do comments below whether it helped you or not? Did you get some good deals! Enjoy and do share it with your friends.

Ashish Yadav

I'm Ashish. BE - Computers by education, Big Data Analyst and Software developer by profession, Ethical hacker by passion. Technology freak, Loves blogging, reading and talking.

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