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By Ashish Yadav → Saturday, May 10, 2014

Are you a python developer? If Yes then are you comfortable with the present IDE which you are using to code and debug python? Are you easily able to debug your python applications?

If you are looking best options for python IDE, then you should read below how you can use Visual Studio to Code, Build, Debug any python application, Basically how you can use Visual Studio as an IDE for Python.

I am writing this post as i found it very difficult to start coding on Python as i was novice and had prior development using Visual Studio. So i making it easy for other developers like me to make use of Visual Studio to code on python.

What is Visual Studio?

Visual Studio is an IDE from Microsoft and is one of the most famous and best IDE for developer's  developing application in C#, VB, .NET, ASP, J#, C++, etc.. It has loads of features which you can directly refer from here.

Prerequisites ?

2. Python

You can download the Prerequisites from the above respective download links and make sure that you download the version which are compatible with each other. Compatibility details are mentioned on their respective websites.

Once you have all the files downloaded, Install Visual Studio followed by Python and then the Plugin. Once all the applications are downloaded you are ready to go and develop any python application, code it, debug it using Microsoft's famous IDE - Visual Studio.

You can also refer to this link for more detail on Excel & Python tool
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  1. Does it come with any GUI tools and RAD support for desktop application development and database driven application?